Mike and his staff are restoring this 1966 Ford Bronco in a teal green color but need to remove the laquer paint which doesn't play nice with the new paint.

Moe hammers out the front end and uses a puller to straighten it. Brison is stripping the door down. The Bronco will also have the roof redone and the interior freshened up a bit.

1966 Teal Ford Bronco Early Stages VIDEO

Almost stripped to bare metal with 120 grit 8in wheel and then sanded with 180 grit and tape marking imperfections. Quite a preserved old specimen.

Almost finished stripping to bare metal VIDEO

Finished sanding with 180 grit, removed glass and door frame, ready for epoxy primer and into the job for 60 hours thus far.

Finished stripping ready for primer VIDEO

New fender and grill are in place but not sure of the fender primer quality so they will sand it down. Next thing in order is to pull the seats out and sand the interior to prepare for paint. Hours now is 100 and about $3,000 in parts which makes the total cost about $10,000.

New Fender and Grill VIDEO

The Bronco family arrives. Customer went all out with new upholstery and and console. Customer is extremely pleased with this 1966 Bronco restoration and refinishing...and so is Mike.

Family is pleased with Restoration VIDEO