1969 Chevy Nova... rare 4 speed, original gold color and it's going to be restored to blue. Lots of fender and quarter panel rust and now the tear down begins on what will be a very pretty restoration.

1969 Chevy Nova 4 Gear New Job September 27 2018 VIDEO

Sandblasting, epoxied and painted frame rails and cross member, sanding wheel tubs for smoothness, black painting of parts and priming.

1969 Chevy Nova Restoration Continues November 9 2018 VIDEO

Solid welded quarter panel skin, lined up door, pot welds, new tubs and happy at appr. 188hrs.

1969 Chevy Nova Quarter Panel Continues November 16 2019 VIDEO

Brand new fender, painted engine block and compartment components and a preview of the stunning blue tone. New tail panel and plug welds to come...everything moving along nicely.

1969 Chevy Nova Coming Together November 23 2018 VIDEO

Inner and outer wheel tubs replace but revealed surprise but not unexpected rust in between outer skin requiring new welded pieces and bit more labor.

1969 Chevy Nova Surprises November 26 2018 VIDEO

Welded on new end panel, right hand quarter panel tapped in and ready for welding, engine almost 100% buttoned up and ready to be fired up.

1969 Chevy Nova Getting Really Close December 5 2018 VIDEO

Second and final primer coat applied block sanded with 240 grit, guide coat for sanding references, one more sanding before color is applied.

1969 Chevy Nova In Final Primer January 9 2019 VIDEO

A whopping 635 hours of restoration and this blue 1969 Chevy Nova 4 speed manual is ready to go. Watch the customer see it for the first time since completion. Revving up the engine, and the customer(s) cannot be smiling and more than humanly possible. A beautiful wet sand and polish showcasing a successful mission once again.

1969 Chevy Nova Complete January 25 2019 VIDEO