At Mike's Quality Bodyworks, we are proud of our skilled workmanship, fair pricing and one on one attention. We understand, that it's this business model that will bring us satisfied repeat customers and the 'word of mouth' advertising that is invaluable to us.

We've asked our customers to send us some feedback about the service they received. We hope that the testimonials shown here will give you the added assurance that Mike's will deliver as advertised.

Testimonials Mikes Quality Bodyworks

I have known Mike for many years through his participation in motorsports. He has always been friendly and knowledgable to all he meets. Mike has developed a fan base through his professionalism and the presentation of himself and his cars.
John G.
My dad's van had a dent on the side near the sliding door. Apparently a deer hit him while he was driving in the country. Mike was virtually able to pull out the dent without having to replace any parts or paint. Looks great, no harm no foul. Thanks Mike.
I had my car broken into and I took it to Mike's Shop for repair. Not only he was pleased in helping me with the car, but also he guided me with my Insurance claim since was my 1st time using it. Mike was very friendly and helpful. Not only I will go back for his service, as well I will recommend his service to my friends.
Dalila A.

Mike did a complete paint job on my old Ford. It was beautiful!

Diane M.

You are the best boss, that I ever worked for! 🙂

Steven P.
Car looks amazing - you're truly a master at this Mike. Many thanks for your help, great work and kindness.
Yanni F
I have been using Mike’s on Mitchell for my car repairs for almost 10 years. In that time I have had 4 incidents that needed quick and proper repair. The incidents ranged from small couple hundred dollar repairs to substantial several thousand dollar repairs. From people blowing stop signs and red lights to animal strikes, Mike has taken care of me and my vehicles with complete professionalism and class. This is a small shop that can do a proper job on your vehicle.
Dennis A.
I was very pleased with Mike's excellent work on my car at a very low cost! I paid less for the work than was agreed upon. Also, I received great customer service. I had a free car wash which I never expected as I did not ask for it. Thank you! I highly recommend Mike's on Mitchell Island!!!
Trust means everything when it comes to trusting a mechanic. And it's not easy to come by since it's not a myth that some mechanics are in the habit of...well, up-selling, which is upsetting, especially if your a woman. So to give a recommendation, whole-heartedly, one has to be super satisfied. So, hear me on this. It's a fact that I was not only satisfied with Mike's work, I was astounded. Service, above and beyond and with a kind and friendly attitude, no extra charge. If you need superb body-work, from a guy you can trust, trust Mike.
Jana Lynne White
My precious "fabulous condition" fully loaded 1991 Honda Accord got hit by someone running a light and I nearly swerved away from it. ICBC called it a write off and was ready to take my car and give me a measly $2g. Everything still worked. I only sustained headlight, quarter panel and fender damage. I called Mike for advice and in the end, he negotiated on my behalf with ICBC, and used what little money they offered, to fully repair the damage on my car. I am still driving it years later. I can't thank Mike enough for saving me.
Anthony D.
I've known Mike for years and would recommend him and his work to everybody and anybody. Too many times to count I've turned to Mike for help and advice and he's been helpful and honest each time! He helped repair my Ford's paint (for free) and given me good advice on other projects! In short, Mike's character and work ethic is beyond par. Thanks for every thing!
Jason W
Yes i have been in a few accidents and about 15 years ago i first took my vehicle to Mikes. I have got nothing but great service from Him. I won't take my car to anybody else. I trust Mike with my vehicle. I can tell when a person is bent on doing a job well done. If you want an argument you will have to change the subject.
Dayle D.

"Our rates are less then the big box shops." "Our repair hours are less then book times in most circumstances." "Not sure about your insurance coverage? Call Mike now for free helpful information."



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