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About Mike

Mike’s Bodyshop and Cadillac

There is a quaint little building, but surprisingly highly productive auto body repair and restoration shop on Mitchell Island in Richmond B.C., named Mike’s Quality Bodyworks. Founded in 2001 by proprietor Michael Webb, it has been a marvel of resourcefulness and diverse productivity. ***Mike is moving to a new location and opening up a brand new facility with a new state of the art spray booth at 0736 Lougheed Hwy #3 Maple Ridge mid August 2017

You name it, Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Pickups, Semi’s, Boats and even including the occasional refrigerator, have been amongst the roster of candidates that receive such fine attention to detail when it comes to repair, painting and refinishing.

Mike's Bodyshop and Cadillac

Mike’s Bodyshop and Cadillac

Over the many years, Mike Webb has gained a solid reputation for his acute attention to detail. He takes pride in keeping his shop very clean and organized, and impresses that value onto his employees. He has also facilitated apprenticeships for students coming from Vancouver Community College, BCIT and also some local high School students and has shared and passed those same shop values onto the young minds of the students.

Teacher at Vancouver Community College

Mike is currently working with Vancouver Community College instructing auto collision and auto refinishing for the past six years. One of the VCC classes that Mike taught was the ESA program. The students were considered low skilled and ineligible for any social assistance but were asked to pick a trade. Mike taught this class for five months with an 80% success rate. Recently he completed an auto detailing course with Aboriginal students. Many of the students are now working at detail shops.

Michael Webb

Michael Webb

Mike the Kid and Mike the Man

Can you believe it! Michael Webb took his first stab at body work at a ripe 10 years of age putting together plastic models and detailing them so intricately, and utilizing his mother’s sewing thread to fashion mock spark plug wires.

At 16 years old, he owned his first car which was a 1975 Monte Carlo. Off to Canadian Tire, he purchased a can of Bondow and followed the instructions on the back side label. Then he proceeded to purchase some cheap spray bombs and matched the paint codes with the car model to achieve, what an experienced older body worker quoted as “a job well done son”.

Well, one might argue as to who has the more charming smile in the photo below, the very young mike or the wiser older one! We think he has retained his boyish enthusiasm, maybe lost a wee bit of hair…LOL… but has gained much knowledge and skill in the art of body work.

Mike the Kid and Mike the Man

Mike the Kid and Mike the Man

After doing a few more jobs for friends and family, and receiving flattering reviews, Mike ran a small classified ad in the local shopping news paper, with the clever headline… “Don’t junk your junker for…for the most inexpensive bodywork you will find, call Mike”. He received five phone calls, that led to five jobs, and never had a complaint. He continued doing this in his spare time for a little over a year.

Following this, Mike spent another 6 years at several shops including a high end restoration shop and semi truck shop where he learned skills working with fiberglass, sheet molded compound repairs and finally painting with professional spray equipment.

The Launch of Mike’s Quality Bodyworks

The next 5 years were very challenging back working for the pro collision shop and admittedly, a failed attempt at owning his own shop. The demise was the lack of available skilled man power to keep up with the demand that Mike had created. In the 1998, Mike moved to Vancouver B.C. and ran a small body shop in the city for about 2 years, where he gained invaluable knowledge of the way insurance claims worked. This helped him set the stage in 2001 for the launch of his now successful shop aptly named “Mike’s Quality Bodyworks”.

King of Motorized Hobbies

Does it have an engine, or can it be painted? Then Mike is in! He’s a darn good driver. A natural. And sure, why not, might as well give the race car a nice coat of paint, some flames, thick colour and flare. Mike’s father raced cars in the 50’s so it must be in his blood. He tells the story of driving his first stock car at 28 years old, when he was in a 300 lap race at Flamboro Speedway in Ontario, but only lasting a mere 10 laps due to over aggressiveness. Well it was a start, right?

Mike Stock Car

Mike Stock Car Action

Mike has been racing cars off and on since 2002. He WON the championship in 2005 at Agassi Speedway. When you walk into his living room, you are amazed by the collection of racing trophies and ribbons stacked on his display shelf.

Watersports  is another aggressive fancy of Mike’s that he loves to do to the extreme.  He’s rebuilt and totally customized several boats over the years including a restored 1965 Glasspar G3. He absolutely enjoys to take his friends out on the fast water in the summer and scaring them out of their wits!

Mike Driving his Speed Boat

Mike Driving his Speed Boat

Many customers have come up to Mike and voiced their appreciation that Mike will take on anything they throw at him. Where others will fall short and whimper away from the challenge, Mike will step in head strong and get it done to optimum customer satisfaction.

Mike Racing Finish Line

Mike Crossing the Finish Line and Takes the Checkered Flag!

“Our rates are less then the big box shops.”
“Our repair hours are less then book times in most circumstances.”
“Not sure about your insurance coverage? Call Mike now for free helpful information.”



Servicing Maple Ridge and the Lower Mainland including Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam and Port Moody